Vauxhall Diagnostics has the latest 2010 version of Op-Com which can do 95% of what a dealer level diagnostic tool can do (Tech-2) which is used by Vauxhall dealerships all over UK.


It can do almost anything to a Vauxhall/Opel that the dealers can do but at a fraction of the price. This diagnostic machine does all the Vauxhall range from 1992 till 2010.
The Op-Com can Read, Erase, Diagnose, Re-program any ECU that is on your car.


Below is a few that it can do;
•  Engine

•  Gearbox

•  ABS

•  Airbags

•  Immobiliser

•  Air-Con

•  Instruments

•  Cruise Control

•  Climate Control

•  plus many more!


This tool can auto detect every ECU on your car and check it so nothing will be left out.


We can also program any key or remote to a Vauxhall.


With Vauxhalls you need a immobiliser code to do any programming, It may be in your service pack and on some vehicles I can read it from the vehicle modules. Alternatively this can be obtained from Vauxhall for £30.


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